2 Best Settings for Call of Duty Warzone and Options Guide

So you want to hop into Warzone’s Battle Royale but not sure where to start? We take you through the best settings for Call of Duty Warzone that will set you off on a good footing.

If you are new to the game, Call of Duty: Warzone’s settings matter a lot when it comes to strategy and winning tips in this new Battle Royale. With the right settings, you get a competitive edge and improve your chances of being the last man standing. You want to rack up those kills irrespective of your PC’s performance. Admittedly, there are no ‘correct’ settings, but you can apply some tried and tested tweaks and adopt settings that work for you based on your playstyle.

1. Best Mouse Settings for Warzone

Mouse settings are often based on personal preference. While some players prefer higher sensitivity, others love a lower one. Even with these, there are a few pointers you may want to follow. As a rule of thumb, always ensure nothing impacts your ‘raw aim.’ This means you may want to turn off aspects like ‘smoothing’ and ‘acceleration.’

Mouse sensitivity – Go too high, and you risk messing up in long-range gunfights. Too low, and it derails performance. So here, work with a moderate rate that works for all ranges.

Aim Down Sights (ADS) – For starters, we recommend setting this to ‘relative.’ This helps your hipfire sensitivity be matched with your zoomed-in sensitivity, thus making zoom levels and weapon exchange less jarring.  COD veterans can, however, go ‘legacy’ for a better experience.

Invert Mouse Look – Disable this unless you prefer having your aim inverted.

Mouse Acceleration – We recommend setting this to 0.00 to avoid ruining the consistency of your aim.

Mouse Filtering – Set it to 0.00 to help improve your precision. Filtering won’t be of much help since you want your aim to be as raw as it can get.

Mouse Smoothing –  Disable this to avoid it interfering with your aim. For the sake of consistency, you would aim to have your mouse movement match your ingame crosshair.

2. Best Settings for Call of Duty Warzone: Video and Refresh rate

One notable aspect that stands out when seeking the best Settings for call of Duty Warzone is the framerate. For a competitive gamer, performance will always trump eye candy. As such, you are better off maximizing your framerate always. If you can, go for a 240Hz monitor and rig to boot. This gives you the visual effect appeal as everything becomes easier to track and much smoother. What’s more, it also helps reduce the input latency to a mere 20-39 milliseconds from 55-75 milliseconds.

If you have the latest graphic cards and powerful rigs, getting high framerates shouldn’t be much of a hassle. Luckily for the conventional newbie gamer, Infinity Ward got you covered through a fully-optimized game in Call of Duty: Warzone. Here, you have multiple graphic options that you can tweak around to achieve optimum performance for your machine regardless of its internal specs.

For the sake of this guide, we have tried a number of options to create a good compromise between performance and visual clarity. These settings should help form a baseline for your own setup. 

With such settings, we recommend that you run the game as per the native resolution of your monitor. In terms of Field Of View (FOV), you are better starting off at around 100. This would come in handy in giving you the best compromise between a good overview of the field and performance.

Display Mode – Set it to full screen for optimum performance

Refresh rate – Remains at your monitor’s refresh rate

Works best when left at 100. As much as lowering it helps you save frames, it ends up making the game look messy. Consider saving frames elsewhere.

Sync Every Frame (V-Sync) – Disable this to avoid experiencing input lag

Aspect Ratio – Set this at automatic

Custom Frame Limit – Go for the unlimited option as a priority. However, if this makes the game too choppy, consider lowering it.

Texture resolution – This would mostly depend on your system’s power, but we recommend going for normal or low.

Texture Filter Anisotropic – We recommend normal since the difference between the various setting is negligible.

Particle Quality – Set it on low if looking to save frames. With a powerful machine, however, you can leave it at high.

Bullet Impacts – We suggest leaving this enabled since it helps you determine where players are shooting from or where they have been.

Tessellation – Set it to all. Disabling it will have a negligible impact on your frames and won’t have much impact on the overall game outlook anyway.

Particle Lighting – We recommend setting it low to save some frames.

DirectX Raytracing – Disable this. As much as it improves the overall look of the game, it derails performance.

Depth of Field – Consider disabling. Since this blurs distant objects, it may not be ideal if you want visual clarity.

When playing Call of Duty: Warzone, aim to have the highest possible rate in terms of frames-per-second. These would come in handy to keep the game feeling smoother and, thus, more enjoyable. What’s more, your ability to track the enemy and your reaction time will improve tremendously.

With these settings, you have a headstart towards optimal performance regardless of your gaming rig. So get your best loadouts set and hop into the game! However, even with these recommendations on settings, it all boils down to personal preference based on adopted playstyle. Feel free to tweak these around till you get a comfortable setting that works best for you.

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