Best M16 Loadout Warzone

Tired of getting your ass kicked by angry 12-year-old kids on Warzone? It’s time to fight back! Here’s the best M16 loadout for Warzone and why you should be rocking an M16.

The M16 is a tragically underutilized weapon on Warzone right now. The gun that characterized the Vietnam War packs a punch and should not be overlooked.

This gun works best as a mid-range or close-ranged weapon and can be optimized to suit a variety of different play styles. It shoots in 3-round bursts that tear through bodies like crazy. If you can nail headshots, all you need are two good bursts to take down an opponent, whether it’s an obnoxious 12-year old or a seasoned player.

So what’s the best M16 loadout Warzone? you’re about to find out!

Get Up Close and Personal, the Best M16 Loadout Warzone for Close-Range Combat

Whether you do better fighting in close quarters or you just really like shooting people in the face, this M16 loadout will give you the power you need to strike hard and fast at close range. Keep in mind, using the M16 can be challenging at close-range, but if you’re somewhat stealthy and use this loadout combo, you’ll find that the M16 can be very fun and effective in close-range combat.

  • Barrel – 15.9″ Strike Team (Level 21)
  • Underbarrel – Bruiser Grip (Level 33)
  • Muzzle – Agency Silencer (Level 46)
  • Ammo – 45 Rnd
  • Optic – Visiontech 2.0

The 45 Rnd ammo will help you maximize your damage at close range while the 15.9″ Strike team barrel will give you the ideal length and stability to make those 2-burst shots count. If you want to shoot people in the face with an M16, this is the loadout for you!

Best M16 Loadout Warzone – Mid-Range

If you like to keep your distance on the battlefield but have more balls than a sniper, you’ll want to know the best loadout combo for mid-range combat.

The best M16 loadout Warzone for mid-ranged combat is:

  • Barrel – 16.3″ Titanium
  • Underbarrel – SFOD Speedgrip (Level 50)
  • Ammo – Salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag (Level 51)
  • Optic – Hawksmoor
  • Rear Grip – Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Muzzle – Agency Silencer (Level 46)

The 16.3″ Titanium barrel will give you the extra length you need to use an M16 effectively at mid-range. A salvo 60 Rnd Fast Mag will give you plenty of power while the Hawksmoor optic attachment will help you hit targets at this distance.

Best M16 Loadout Warzone, for Long-Range Combat

The M16 can be optimized to be a deadly and highly effective long-range weapon. all you need is the right loadout combination so here it is!

  • Barrel – 20.5″ Task Force
  • Underbarrel – Field Agent Foregrip
  • Rear Grip – Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Ammo – 45 Rnd Speed Mag
  • Optic -Visiontech 2x

The Visiontech 2x optic attachment will help you zoom in and make short work of anyone in your sights at long distances. Don’t deviate from the 45 Rnd Speed Mag, when you’re firing at a distance, these babies are going to be your best friend!

The 20.5″ Task Force barrel will allow you to hit targets at a distance and kill them like a pro in just 2-bursts while the Airborne Elastic Wrap rear grip will help you keep it steady.

Best Perks and Equipment to Pair with Your M16

Now that you know more about how to optimize your M16 for a variety of combat situations including close-range, mid-range, and long-range combat let’s take a look at the best perks and equipment to pair with your rifle.

As far as equipment goes, you’ll want to be packing some C4 to take out vehicles or even whole teams if you use it wisely or depending on your playstyle I’d take the Semtex Grenade. As for perks, Amped is the best perk by far to use while carrying an M16 on Warzone. because it will allow you to swap weapons way faster than the time it would take to reload. Switch to your SMG for that up, close, and personal, or maybe you see the twinkle of the lights in the distance? Whip out that Kar98k build and ping a headshot. Whatever you do Remember, Warzone can be very fast-paced which means every second counts.

There you have it, now that you’ve got the best M16 loadout Warzone, you’re ready to take on the world including angry screaming 12 -year old players that just won’t shut up, until you shoot them in the face. Actually, that still won’t shut them up, as long as their mic is still on, you’re kinda stuck with them so good luck with that.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more tips on how to master Warzone like a seasoned pro, you can find all the info you need right here, at FPSGuide!

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