9 Effective Tips on How to Win in Warzone

Looking to get better at Warzone’s Battle Royale? These effective survival tips on how to win in Warzone will keep you alive much longer.

Let’s face it, Call of Duty: Warzone is not an easy game; certainly not for the faint-hearted and thus the need to learn how to win n Warzone. Unless you adapt to its intricacies, you will always find yourself off the fence sooner than you expected. With well over 140 players on the map, you got to master effective survival tips on how to get better at warzone to remain alive longer. Luckily, there are various strategies and tricks you can employ to avoid basic mistakes and thus weather the storm, longer.  The following are top tips to help you make better calls during your fight and avoid pitfalls your enemies will likely fall into.

1. Determine and use an effective loadout 

As a beginner, it is ok to use floor gear and weapons, but these won’t help as you advance. You will need your custom loadouts to perform better at the Warzone Battle Royale. Focus on getting at least $10,000 in cash as soon as possible. This will come in handy to help you purchase a loadout drop from the nearest Buy Station, and this comes in handy when seeking how to win in Warzone, even as a beginner.

Getting your loadout, however, doesn’t mean a time to relax. Keep looting to amass more cash and gear. Aim at getting an armor satchel that guarantees you a maximum of eight plates instead of the usual 5. For cash, aim for at least $20k to help you buy noble tools like a gas mask, a Self Revive and a Killstreak.

2. Be sure of securing an elimination before shooting

Most players always make the mistake of shooting an enemy as soon as they appear. This may be a result of haste or paranoia, but it may end up costing you. While it may sometimes be inevitable, you risk blowing up your cover too soon, thus allowing your enemy to strategize and strike.

The best move when seeking to secure a win in Warzone would be to stay still until the enemy has less cover. Ensure there are no teammates nearby who may come for backup. Shoot your shot when you are certain that you can pull off the skill.

3. Understand and play to your strengths

We understand you may have witnessed a teammate or other player pull some crazy stunt that wiped off the entire enemy squad with one clip. This does not necessarily mean you can match up to the same. Call of Duty Warzone is a dynamic game with no one-skill-strategy. Getting to a pro-level may take hours and days of practice to master the Call of Duty: Warzone shooting tips. So be content and play to your strengths.

Determine your play style and embrace it. This may take time to figure out, but once you do, everything just flows in your favor.

4. Land at strategic spots

You can be accurate at shooting, alright, but if you do not understand how to determine the best landing spot, you will be setting yourself up for disaster. Choose a landing spot that complements your playstyle. Places like Hospital and Superstore are ever busy and may not give you much chance. Go for areas like the edges of the map with less population.

Some spots are home to many Contracts. For instance, Scavenger Contracts are used frequently. Keeping these in mind when selecting a spot will come in handy to help you choose the best starting location.

5. Remain alert to sounds

Even in the heat of the moment, remain attentive to alerts like enemy footsteps, coughing in the gas or plating. Sounds of an enemy loadout dropping, shooting, revives, and reloading also go a long way in giving you hints for the next action. This way, you get an idea of the general location of your enemy and thus strategize on how to strike. When sneaking up to enemy territory, do not forget to use the Deal Silence (Deddy) Field Upgrade.

6. Get a sophisticated UAV

The element of surprise is in itself a weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone’s Battle Royale. So what better way to achieve this than using sophisticated tools like UAVs. The UAV helps display part of the map and gives you a hint on where your enemies are located. In fact, this tool can also help display the location and orientation of the other 147 players. This happens when used by all three teammates at the same time. The tool costs about $400 and can be a lifesaver if you can afford it.

7. Help a teammate in the Gulag

Always work on helping your teammate in captivity by showing them the enemy’s position. You can also apply the stone trick while on the balcony to achieve the same. Most players have successfully killed their teammate’s rivals by throwing stones on the battlefield with the C4 explosive. Shooting the enemy directly in the face has also proved worthwhile.

8. Use short phrases to communicate with teammates

While in the battlefront, time is of the essence. One second can make all the difference, and you do not want to risk losing it. Let your teammates know of an approaching enemy, but in as few words as possible. Effective quick callouts can help save the team  through quick communication.

For instance, instead of ‘an enemy is within my vicinity,’ just say ‘on me.’ This short or coded language will go a long way to save time in the heat of the moment when every second count.

9. Revive a teammate when all is clear

Teamwork always wins when playing Warzone’s Battle Royale. However, this does not mean you throw caution out the window when helping a teammate. Before helping up them, ensure the responsible opponent is either far away or dead. Remember, you are most vulnerable when reviving a fallen teammate, and the enemy may take advantage of the same to strike.

With these tips on how to win in Warzone, you are better positioned to stay alive much longer. However, these do not guarantee you success but will put you in a better position to fight and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

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