Top 5 Best Gaming Keyboards For Call of Duty: Warzone In 2021

Does the make, quality, aesthetic of a gaming keyboard affect the gaming experience? This is one of the frequently asked questions I hear every day. However, the market has plenty of options claiming to be the best gaming keyboards for Call of Duty: Warzone. Before settling on a model, I recommend getting a keyboard that will be helpful in this highly competitive game.

If you are hoping to find a high-quality gaming keyboard with all the features you need to score higher points—you are in the right place. I have researched various gaming keyboards and narrowed them down to the five best gaming keyboards for Call of Duty. Also, I ensured that all the keyboards have incredible features, allowing you to experience smooth gaming sessions. 

How to pick the Best Gaming Keyboards for Call of Duty: Warzone

A good gaming keyboard for Call of Duty Warzone will require extensive research. Here are some of the considerations I recommend you weigh in before investing.

Exceptional built quality

Most of the gaming keyboards I have used come from plastic construction. Light and heavy plastic have advantages and downsides. I prefer the heavy options over the light as they make a durable keyboard cover. Also, an aluminum casing feels light and supports the keys and switches, resulting in an excellent quality keyboard that beats anything on the market.

Backlit RGB keys

Gaming with a keyboard with good visual effects is great for daytime and night gaming. I prefer a good gaming keyboard with RGB lighting since it creates a warm gaming mood, and with the tension in the Warzone, it becomes relaxing. RGB effects that are easy to customize lets you choose the coolest lighting  so you can see the keys better.

Type of keyboard

I would still go for the full-sized gaming keyboards as my most preferred because of the incredible features that support versatility. However, if there is no interest in using numbers and other keys, choosing a compact keyboard is a good idea. A full-sized keyboard has 104 plus keys.

Quiet keyboard

Gaming at night without disturbing roommates and causing unrest is a good practice. This is the reason I go for the soft and quiet keys. Even though some games prefer clicking keys, it is still good to get a silent gaming keyboard to boost focus and hear your enemy’s footsteps.


If you’re working on a budget, there are plenty of budget-friendly keyboards. Entry-level gaming will work with a low costing keyboard. The market has many gaming keyboards that meet every gamer’s demands, so we recommended a budget-friendly approach when purchasing.

Review of the 5 Best Gaming Keyboards for Call of Duty: Warzone

Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard: Best gaming keyboard overall

Best Gaming Keyboards


  • Full size with 104 buttons
  • Wired technology
  • RGB lighting
  • Multimedia and anti-ghosting keys


  • Full size and versatile for gaming and office work
  • Silent operation 
  • It comes with a gaming mouse
  • Compatible with various operating systems and PCs
  • Supports RGB lighting for improved gaming mood
  • It has a wrist rest for comfortable gaming


  • The green and yellow colors barely work during the daytime
  • It is plasticky, so handle it with care for longevity

Redragon S101 is my favorite keyboard, and from my fellow gamers’ feedback, it is an all-in-one value kit for gamers. I recommend the new and improved version for 2021 Call of Duty gaming. It is excellent for Warzone gaming, thanks to the top features capable of handling this competitive game.

I have previously used wireless keyboards and found out that connectivity issues deterred me from killing my enemies in real-time. The Redragon S101 uses wired technology, and with a one-time connecting option, eliminating enemies is easy. This is a full-sized keyboard with 104 keys, so all the functions needed when gaming are accessible. Still, I found the full size a good unit for typing and other office work.

With the available seven RGB modes, I managed to change the breathing light’s speed and witnessed different effects when gaming. I was also able to disable the RGB effects easily. Additionally, the keyboard has an integrated wrist rest to protect the wrist while gaming.

Unlike the other standard keyboards on the market, this model is built to withstand minor spills, so when water accidentally spills on the keyboard, wipe and continue gaming. All the keys are quiet and designed to last long.

I liked this keyboard because it supports powerful computer brands and also works with different operating systems. Better yet, it comes with a gaming mouse with five key buttons for first shooter pro gamers.

SteelSeries Apex 7 RGB Gaming Keyboard: Best durable gaming keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards


  • Apex 7 size
  • Blue tactile and clicky style
  • Oled smart display
  • RGB lighting


  • It has a comfortable wrist rest for protection
  • Offers 50 million key presses, which are durable
  • Supports four different response styles
  • Durable construction


  • It is not waterproof

If durability is your priority, I would recommend the SteelSeries brand because it beats the rest. I included the Apex 7 on the list thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum quality that makes it durable and lightweight for portability.

Thanks to the clicky blue switches that guarantee a whole 50 million keypresses, I was able to hear everything the keypress registers, and better still, it won’t distract the focus you have on your enemies; you can aim when the time is right.

More importantly, an OLED smart display customizes everything on the screen while gaming. Additionally, the RGB illumination customizes the lighting to suit the Call of Duty Warzone gaming.

When compared with the  S101 above, this keyboard boasts a premium magnetic wrist rest for support. The dedicated multimedia controls adjust different settings, including volume at the touch of a button.

Amazon Basics Gaming Keyboard: Durable gaming keys

Best Gaming Keyboards


  • 19 buttons
  • USB technology
  • Five dedicated keys and three-mode keys


  • Stylish design and slim for space-saving
  • Customizable keyboard lighting effects present
  • Downloadable software for improved usage
  • Durable gaming keys


  • Keys have a mushy feel

The AmazonBasics gaming keyboard is available for entry-level gamers. What impressed me with this keyboard is its long-lasting keys that guarantee over 10 million presses sufficient for passionate gamers like me. Better yet, the stylish design improves the decor on the gaming desk.

Installing the AmazonBasics software on the gaming PC programs the custom macros to achieve sophisticated commands. Additionally, the anti-ghosting keys permit the execution of the most complex moves during Warzone gaming. The one-touch media controls initiate quick access to media shortcuts which I liked due to the fast speed I need during Warzone.

While the RGB function is missing, there are still extra options to improve your keypad brightness over the spectrum of 16 million colors present. This enhanced my gaming atmosphere.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard: Best with a brilliant color spectrum

Best Gaming Keyboards


  • Full-sized keyboard
  • Wired connectivity
  • RGB lighting
  • Tactile and quiet keys


  • Uses Logitech software for function customization
  • Has dedicated media controls for a one-touch setting
  • Keys offer the best tactile feel for the gaming
  • Slim, comfortable, and durable
  • Brilliant illumination


  • The keyboard width takes a lot of desk room

Pro gamers like me hate a boring gaming atmosphere! Logitech G213 Prodigy is the best backlit mechanical keyboard since it’s made with brilliant color spectrums to light up the gaming area and match the setup. Unlike the rest, every key’s Logitech illumination is excellent, thanks to the low light leak around each key.

Comfort and durability is another input that makes this gaming keyboard great. With the slim body and hard plastic cover, the keyboard will serve gaming needs for years. Still, the keyboard repels spills making it easy to clean. The integrated soft wrist rest adds comfort for long hours of gaming.

I liked pressing the keys, which enhanced the tactile experience, which delivers ultra-quick and high responsiveness up to four times faster than the usual gaming keyboards. This makes it perfect for fast-person shooter gaming. The support base adjusts for the best angle, which improves the ease of reach to the special keys.

Play, pause, and mute without getting out of the game with the dedicated media controls available on the keyboard. There is also Logitech gaming software that helps in the customization of the gaming settings. It is possible to combine multiple keys and assign them specific functions. Still, the RGB function is easily customized with the software. This proves Logitech has the best-backlit gaming keyboard.

Havit Wired Gaming Keyboard: Best budget gaming keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards


  • RGB lighting
  • Wired keyboard
  • Mouse available
  • 104 keys


  • RGB function is excellent
  • Cost-effective 
  • It comes with a mouse and wrist rest
  • Anti-ghosting keys with multifunctions


  • The keypresses are not very smooth

The Havit Wired Gaming keyboard is a full-size gaming keyboard with a gaming mouse and detachable wrist rest for long hours of Warzone. The most attractive RGB keyboard illuminates the keys for supercool gaming.

I liked the anti-ghosting keys and multifunction keys. The n-key rollover keys, multimedia combination keys, interchangeable keys, and volume adjusting keys with a comfortable space bar improve the overall gaming experience.

It has broad system compatibility and works with modern PC brands. Therefore, for the latest releases like the Warzone, gaming smoothly is guaranteed. This is a budget gaming keyboard that I recommend for all gaming levels.


The best gaming keyboards for Call of Duty: Warzone we just listed will eliminate the hustle of going through hundreds of products while searching for a good keyboard. The available keyboards offer day-to-day gaming comfort that supports gamers across all levels of experience. Get one and let us know how it worked for you.

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